theOCguide has been developed for individual Apartment/Lot Owners and Owners Corporation Committees of Management living in an OC in the State of Victoria, Australia, so they may have an online reference for information to assist them in both understanding their Owners Corporation and hopefully resolving some of the many Owners Corporation challenges.

Owners Corporations were formerly known as Body Corporate s in Victoria and are often referred to as Strata as in Strata Title . There is information out there for apartment/lot owners, from legislation to industry groups, but the challenge comes in the practical and every day application of that advice and most importantly, that the advice is unbiased in nature. This is all about impartial advice and information gained through experience, from contracts that often become onerous through to solving the minor niggling issues, such as faulty development plant, maintenance requirements and legal obligations.

the OC guide also seeks to foster a community spirit and assist in the enjoyment of the vertical village environment for all stakeholders. The OC Guide is proof that you don’t need to be a ‘Rocket Scientist’ to understand your unique environment.

For those apartment owners living in the vibrant inner city of Melbourne, we also wish to provide you with more information about your surroundings. I am sure you will learn a little about living in your vertical village.

You are welcome to have a look around and hey, thanks for dropping in.